Handmade Sausage From The Scrumptious Kitchen. Pair With Live Oak Pilz.

Handmade Sausage From The Scrumptious Kitchen. Pair With Live Oak Pilz.

Surly Brewing lost one of USA’s greatest brewers last week. Todd Haug left the company that he helped found and make famous across the beer community. While everyone wondered where he would land, Haug was quietly joining Three Floyds.

We remember back in 2007 when a massive hop shortage led to one of our favorite beers in Austin being discontinued. Live Oak Liberation went missing for nearly three years. Over the last 5 years, USA hop acreage has increased by 65%. Hopsteiner has been producing hops since the mid-1800s. Marketwatch recently sat down with the company to discuss the modern hop industry.

Allagash White represents 80% of the brewery’s output. Let that sink in. And then read a great interview with Rob Tod, founder/owner/brewer.

Ninkasi “…really focusing on the craft, and not just looking to make money” Jesse Newhouse, brewer; from an interview with Vice. We love hearing Newhouse say that. Focus on doing something you love, doing it really well, and then let the money come. There are too many people in the industry that have reversed the two things, and it will not serve them well in the long run.

Great Raft goes to Texas later this month.

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