The Tamale Gazetteer

The Tamale Gazetteer

“Pull the hot tamale out and unwrap it from the corn shuck.” “Eat it, and ascend to the gates of heaven.” Paul Kossman

Truer words have never been spoken.

DJ’s Welding and Custom Designs in Memphis was set up to perform all your welding repairs, and if you were hungry they kept a barbecue pit rolling smoke and they’d sell you a tamale straight off it. But the health dept got wise and they had to go out and buy a food truck. Here’s a report from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Maricel E. Presilla calls tamales “gift-wrapped packages enclosing centuries of culinary wisdom.” The Santa Fe New Mexican quotes the scribe then gets down to the business of finding the best tamales in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We love visiting Lake Charles, Louisiana. It has one of the best, under the radar eating scenes in all of Louisiana but until today we had no idea the town also has Tex Mex, specifically Agave Tamale. The writing here is amateurish at best but the author does manage to make us eager to try the restaurant.

How ambitious are you? Are you a super machine in the kitchen? Then you may want to tackle this lobster and kelp tamale recipe from chef Evan Mallett.

Home cook Juanita Hernandez is featured in a story about a housewife who has migrated to Florida from Mexico. She keeps her home fires burning by making tamales and reflecting on the parties of her youth.

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