T-Jim Moreau At His Butcher Shop In Cottonport Louisiana

T-Jim Moreau At His Butcher Shop In Cottonport Louisiana

While we were eating cracklins and powering through a brace of Satsuma sno balls from Hansen’s Sno Bliz, a group of battle-hardened Cajuns were meeting on the proving grounds of Parc Sans Souci in downtown Lafayette to determine who the king of Louisiana boudin is.

Here are the results from the 2016 Lafayette Boudin Cook-Off

— 1st place. Champagne’s Marche. Leonville (Smoked Boudin Nuggets)
— 2nd place. Big Jim Price, Baldwin (Boudin Bombs with Bacon and Jalapeno)
— 3rd place. T-Jim’s Grocery. Cottonport (Boudin Quesadilla with Cilantro and Jalapeno Fresco Sauce)

as near as we can tell, Big Jim Price is a rank amateur who came out of nowhere to nearly win the whole damn thing. We’re going to try and track old boy down soon and see if we can score some links from him.

In People’s Choice, T-Boys in Mamou survived to win yet another year.

1st place T-Boy’s, Mamou
2nd place Menard’s Grocery, Duson

We love T-Jim Moreau, he’s been one of the top boudin makers in Louisiana since ’64 and is one of the last old timey sausage men still making blood boudin in the state.

T-Boy Berzas is a young legend and we run out to Mamou a few times a year to stock up at his little country butcher shop

Field Report: T-Jim’s In Cottonport Louisiana

and a few words on T-Boy’s in Mamou

At A Boucherie In Rural Louisiana

At A Boucherie In Rural Louisiana

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