Hot Boudin And Cracklins Is Cajun Soul Food Deluxe

Hot Boudin And Cracklins Is Cajun Soul Food Deluxe

Big Meats Soul Food Cafe owner Arlanda Williams is producing Gray, Louisiana’s first ever soul food festival but she refuses to take credit for it.

Speaking with Kevinisha Walker of the Houma Courier, Miss Arlanda gives all the credit to her daughter Jere, and goes on to brag on her millennial crew saying “These guys have great ideas and know how to bring people together.”

Expect the party to be heavily advertised via Kik, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

We’re considering setting up a Myspace account so that shows you how au courant we are on these things.

What sorts of foods will be served out in Houma at the fete? Considering that Terrabone Parish is deep in the heart of Cajun country we expect lots of fried chicken, smothered rice, crab and shrimp casserole, hot pots, sweet potatoes, greens and macaroni and cheese.

This fete will feature lots of ‘back of the stove’ cooking.

How’s your sweet potato pie game? There will be a competition.

As of this writing 22 vendors have signed up to sell food and other stuffs at the party.

Date: Sat Nov 12 2016

Time: 11am-6pm

Place: Gray Park 3289 W. Park Ave. Gray, Louisiana (10 miles north of Houma)

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