ABGB In South Austin Texas

ABGB In South Austin Texas

This will surely change:

From the Great American Beer Fest website: “Sorry, your search for All Medal Winners from All Styles from Louisiana represented at the 2016 GABF. returned no results.”

Maybe next year.

But, our neighboring state of Texas brought home some major hardware so lets discuss that for a moment. Right off the bat, the biggest award that winged its way back to Lone Star went to ABGB in Austin for their victory in the 2016 Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer category where they were deemed the best in the United States.

Afternoon Session At ABGB

Afternoon Session At ABGB

After a few dozen sessions there over the last three years we could not agree more. Owners Brian Peters, Amos Lowe and Mark Jensen have created an institution in south Austin that brings to mind the old Armadillo.

Congratulations y’all.

Other Texas breweries that killed it were Adelberts for their Flying Monks (a quad) Real Ale for their Real Heavy (a Scotch Ale) Nine-Band Brewing Co. for their Toad Choker (barleywine) Community for their witbier ((Belgian-style) Solid Rock Brewing for their Big Drought Stout (Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout) Grapevine Craft Brewery for their Sir William (an English-Style Brown Ale) Independence Brewing Co. for their Redbud with Cucumber (Field Beer) ABGB for their Industry Pilz (German-Style Pilsener) ABGB for their Hell Yes (Munich-Style Helles) and Revolver Brewing for their Anodyne Wheat Wine (Other Strong Beer)

We worked in the craft beer trade in Austin for over a decade, and while the scene is on fire right now it did not happen overnight. There is no reason Louisiana can’t do the exact same thing, it will just take time, energy and effort. We can’t wait to see what our state’s beer scene looks like in 15 years.

3 Floyds continues to innovate methods of sale. To get your hands on their new Corn King you’ll need to join up with their Beer Brigage and after paying $40 you’ll be allowed to attend parties where the beer will be on offer. What could’ve been a ripoff is actually a good deal. Hit the link for details.

Kyle Krastranec recently visited Memphis and filed this longread. It’s a good tale and essential reading for anybody planning on visiting the city anytime soon.

Rwandan entrepreneur Josephine Uwineza is attempting to launch a craft brewery in her country. “…there’s no craft breweries in Rwanda right now,” she explains during the course of the article.

Lars Marius Garshol is a world-wide farmhouse ale explorer. He recently wrote an interesting article on searching for whales in Lithuania. It’s incredible what a single euro will get you in some remote towns.

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