Ernest Mickler's White Trash Cooking

Ernest Mickler’s White Trash Cooking

“Aristo-Dixie queer” Jonathan Williams founded Jargon Society Press in 1951 but it wasn’t til 1986 that I became aware of the importance of his work.

That marked the year that Williams published White Trash Cooking by Ernest Mickler.

I lost count of how many copies I’ve bought of this book over the years; mostly from the Appalachian Bookstore in the Trademart Shopping Center in Corbin, Kentucky. That cookbook, along with The Silver Palate, shaped the tenor of supper parties I held as a teen in the 80s.

White Trash Cooking quickly became a cultural phenomenon leading Jargon, due to overwhelming demand, to sell the rights to 10 Speed Press.

The book is now 30.

Sarah Reynolds of Southern Foodways Alliance hosted and produced the latest episode of their Gravy podcast. I have yet to miss an installment but this is the first one where I found myself grabbing a pen and a piece of paper so I could take notes. It’s crucial.

If you have a love for the foods and letters of the Deep South I suggest you give it a listen

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