This Week In Craft Beer News

This Week In Craft Beer News

Jacob McKean of Modern Times, one of San Diego’s top breweries, goes for Serious Eats’ jugular. It seems Aaron Goldfarb wrote a piece lauding a handful of craft breweries that ‘sold out’ to AB InBev. Goldfarb’s arguments were poorly supported by fact or reason and McKean delivers multiple, written body blows over the course of the article.

We love a good dust up and this Minnesota vs Wisconsin battle has us heading to the kitchen to find our popcorn skillet. Drew Magary was in the process of tearing down the Green Bay Packers when he decided to piss on Wisconsin’s beer scene as well. Wisconsin State Journal columnist Chris Drosner had this riposte.

Christine Montague is in hot water. She stands accused of heisting 40k from the Cleveland Beer Week folks.

We had no idea Wicked Weed spent $3 million on start up costs. Jim Tankersly looks at how craft beer has slowly gained a foothold in the Bible Belt. Asheville now has 23 craft breweries which is staggering. The city is roughly the size of Tuscaloosa, Alabama which has two.

Heady Topper’s yeast “started as a hand-me-down culture from his (John Kimmich’s) mentor at Vermont Pub & Brewery, and, before that, an English brewer in the ‘90s” Good Beer Hunting looks at one of USA’s biggest cult beers.

It’s been awhile since I issued a part in this series. I’ve been in Austin for a total of five weeks over the course of the last two months. I scored a contractor job where I took a big empty space inside an old restaurant (Tamale House East) and turned it into a craft beer bar with 16 taps of mostly Texas craft beers. There’s a little cider too and a Colorado sour from Avery and a West Coast IPA from Alesmith, but mostly Texas craft.

If any of y’all are in or go to Austin, check out my project; it’s at 1707 e. 6th street 78702. I’m really proud of it.

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