Lexington, Kentucky ham buyer Luther Deaton Jr broke his town’s 34 year old drought with a $600k purchase of the 2016 Kentucky Grand Champion Country Ham earlier today.

The last time a ham investor from Lexington won the bidding war was way back in 1982 when Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. bought the winner for $18K.

The charity ham auction has taken place each year since 1964.

In a fierce rural charcuterie battle held last week, Broadbent B & B Foods of Kuttawa, Kentucky emerged with the Grand Champion’s blue ribbon for their 17.38 lb beauty.

Broadbent has defeated all comers for the title 16 times since the event’s debut.

Only hams cured and aged in Kentucky are eligible for the competition. The ham must weigh a minimum of 13 lbs and may not exceed 21 lbs.

The hams are judged on their aroma, shape, color and ratio of lean-to-fat.

Last year’s ham brought in $400k.

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