Craft Beer News From RL Reeves Jr

Craft Beer News From RL Reeves Jr

In Austin if you’re too broke to drink local craft beer, Lone Star is the default choice of would-be drunkards. In New Orleans Miller High Life fills the same void. Adweek takes a look at the lovely lady that has festooned the marque’s bottles since 1907. This piece does not fit under the craft rubric but it is a good read.

I Think About Beer is one of our favorite Belgian-centric websites. Van Honsebrouck St Louis Kriek Fond Tradition gets a write-up from author Christopher Barnes. We bought a bottle a few months ago and found it too sweet but we like our lambics dry as a bone.

Walmart has entered the craft fray with a private label line from Trouble Brewery in Rochester, New York. We’ll pick up one of their $13 12 packs and file a report. No we won’t.

Mental Floss takes a look at 9 Historical Craft Brewers stretching all the way back to the Incas.

The Guardian speaks on a pagan region of Russia where hops are abundant and a ‘pantheon of gods’ are worshiped. Who wants to book a flight to Chuvashia?

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