Prause Meat Market La Grange Texas

Prause Meat Market La Grange Texas

In the world of food marketing “all natural” has no value for consumers. If you’re buying foods based on package labeling that bears this phrase you do so at the peril of your own pocketbook. Natural, all natural, and 100% natural have no real legal definition under U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations (Bloomberg).

Now Hormel is being sued by the Animal Legal Defense Fund over their use of the word ‘natural’ and variants thereof. Bloomberg has all the details.

Writer Harris Decker visits Brooklyn Cured at Larchmont Farmers’ Market.

At Smoking Goose in Indianapolis a crew of butchers breaks down roughly 140 whole animals each month. Grub Street writes on their founder Chris Eley and his Delaware Fireball sausage that oddly receives fermentation post-smoking.

Hundreds of Kentucky teenagers are participating in the 4-H program known as the Country Ham Project . Garden and Gun visits and files a report.

10 minutes east of the New Orleans airport Jake Dufreche has set up a Cajun meat market called Tre Bon. It’s a meat house selling handmade bacon, boudin, cracklins and a laundry list of other Cajun favorites.

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