Peeper Ale Pairs Beautifully With Pork Tamales

Peeper Ale Pairs Beautifully With Pork Tamales

An old 9th Warder has relocated to Picayune, Mississippi. Val Meyer, a former pipefitter, recently opened Charro’s Hot Tamales, a diner that’s starting to see good crowds pouring into the restaurant. Meyer recruited Ashton Williams from Arnaud’s in New Orleans to help with the crush. We’re now planning a roadtrip

Along Came Tamale is expanding down in Rockwall, Texas. Anita Castro is opening the second location of her store and is excited to bring dessert tamales to a part of town where they are virtually unknown. Pineapple tamales? Where does the line form?

Look for tacos, tamales and tequila to be coming from Punk Taco in Lansing, Michigan this Fall.

Devon Van Houten Maldonado breaks down where to find tamales in Mexico City.

Two Picayune tamale joints in one article? Bobbie Schmitt and Michelle Bergeron just opened JC and Company just over the Mississippi border. The two native St Bernard Parish ladies are famous for their tamales. These gals are Islenos so you know their food is good.

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