Archibald's In Northport Alabama

Archibald’s In Northport Alabama

We posted 57 articles during the month of July 2016. Here are the five most popular ones.

1) A Recipe For Hog Head Gumbo It never surprises us when our most popular article over the course of a month is a recipe. After a roadtrip to Kentucky we found ourselves with big hog’s head and a yearning for gumbo. This was the result.

2) Field Report: Birrieria Jalisco (Lexington, Kentucky) We’re all goat lovers here at Scrumptious Chef so we were not surprised when lead scribe RL Reeves Jr filed this report from deep in the heart of the Bluegrass state.

3) A Recipe For Brown Crowder Peas With Hickory Smoked Pork Sausage And Green Onions Our test kitchen really heats up in the summertime but we don’t care. It goes with the territory of living in an 1800s-era house in New Orleans 9th Ward.

4) Field Report: Taylor Cafe We ran out to Texas on a business trip and immediately drove to Taylor where Vencil Mares has been smoking meat with fire since 1948.

5) Field Report: Murphy’s Steakhouse In Winchester Texas Once every few years we venture out to Winchester, Texas (pop. 50) to eat at Murphy’s.

bonus: Field Report: Hotel Cazan In Mamou Louisiana Out on the prairies of western Louisiana sits Hotel Cazan, in operation since 1955.

This is article 3200 on Scrumptious Chef.

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