Duroc Pork Chop From Henry Fudge Of Madison Alabama

Duroc Pork Chop From Henry Fudge Of Madison Alabama

We drove up to Madison, Alabama from New Orleans in late Spring to meet the legendary Henry Fudge of Fudge Family Farms. Driving up Interstate 65 is a thrill as the old highway cuts through native hardwood forests with soaring stands of oak, hickory and maple proliferating just yards off the freeway.

It was a 400+ mile jaunt that only reaffirmed what we already knew: Alabama is gorgeous.

We expected to only get a few minutes of Mr. Fudge’s time as he has a hog farm to run and his daily routine is filled with all manners of chores and duties.

Pigs are hungry creatures and must be fed and attended to regularly if they are to achieve maximum growth. We spent a nice morning walking the farm, meeting the pigs and listening carefully as Fudge explained his life as an “old timey hog man”

Since the early 70s Fudge has been nationally recognized as being one of the premiere raisers of Duroc hogs.

We were determined that this cook was going to be flawless so we studied long and hard before we hit the kitchen (and backyard)

How To Cook A One Pound Henry Fudge Duroc Pork Chop


1 1lb Chop, pork, Duroc
1 T. Salt, JQ Dickinson
1 t. Paprika, ground


* Build a fire using 12 hardwood, lump charcoal briquettes (we use an antique Weber smoker)
* Let fire go to ash
* Place large chunk of Cherry wood on ashy coals
* Fully open vent on smoker
* Place chop, seasoned with salt and paprika, on smoker underneath vent on opposite side of fire
* Cook for one hour
* Pull chop, place on plate, tent with foil, let rest for 15 minutes

Cooking notes
Mr Fudge raises the finest heritage pork in the Deep South
Please carefully source your pork chop as this is the most crucial step in the process
JQ Dickinson salt is available online and in boutique groceries around the US
We bought a big sack of paprika when we were in Budapest
This was the first time we ever used cherry wood, it gives the meat a pleasing, candy-like flavor
We served the pork chop with sweet corn scraped off the cob
At the one hour mark the chop was just over medium rare
This is how we eat our pork
If you prefer your meat cooked more thoroughly add 15-30 minutes to cook time

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