Country Style Pork Ribs On Our Antique Weber Smoker

Country Style Pork Ribs On Our Antique Weber Smoker

Three Floyds just keeps getting cooler. The Indiana micro has contracted with Brian Azzarello of DC comics fame to create a story arc on the brewery. We gave up comic collecting years back but if we see one on a shelf here in New Orleans we will be sorely tempted.

New Glarus in the midst of an $8 million dollar expansion. And they’re planning on building a distillery too.

Are you curious about Tasmanian hops? You’ve probably already tried Galaxy but dozens of new hops will be on the international market in coming years.

Kentucky is entering the infant stage of commercial hop production. Some of the darkest, richest soil on planet earth is in the Bluegrass state, we’ll be curious to see where their industry sits ten years from now.

Stan Hieronymus looks at a decade of changes in the St Louis beer scene

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