Deep in the heart of Texas (Anderson) RW Genetics runs the preeminent breeding program for Duroc hogs in all of USA. The weekend of July 9th 2016 the company ventured up to Kentucky with a truck load of prized pigs for the big Louisville Summertime Conference.

When the dust had settled, owner Rick Whitman saw ‘Attention’, offspring of ‘Ultra Squared’ and ‘Measure This’, bring in $190k with the winning bid being cast by Upper Hand Genetics of Huntington, Indiana.

We ate nothing but Duroc hog meat for the first 15 years of our lives as grandfather Big Jim Sullivan only raised this prized breed and he kept his old smokehouse filled to the rafters with curing hams and bellies.

Are you a hog farmer? Upper Hand Genetics will be selling doses of Attention’s semen for $750 a pop.

Could be a bargain if you’re smart about your breeding. We’re working on an article about Henry Fudge, the famous Madison County, Alabama Duroc breeder who has given his life to these Duroc beasts.

This wasn’t the first time RW Genetics made headlines in the ultra-competitive world of deluxe hog breeding. Back in 2014 the concern sold a Yorkshire swine for $130k to Premium Blend Genetics of Arlington, Indiana. That animal sprung from the efforts of ‘Slow Ride’ and ‘Eclipse’.

He is now knows as The Prophet.

Read our piece: the history of the duroc hog breed

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