Mexican Soul Food Plate: Huevos Rancheros

Mexican Soul Food Plate: Huevos Rancheros

It’s been years since we spent any time in Brooklyn but Butterfunk Kitchen is the kind of restaurant that we’d love to visit if we could move heaven and earth and get on a plane to New York. The cuisine of chef Chris Scott is a mashup of southern soul and Pennsylvania Dutch.

‘Sleek and sophisticated’ is the last thing we’re looking for when it’s time to sit down to a plate of soul food. Zanzibar Soul Fusion is a new restaurant in Cleveland with roots that run back to the 80s through the bloodline of chef Akin Alafin.

Home Of Chicken And Waffles is an Oakland soul food restaurant that specializes in staffing their business with felons, parolees and folks living in halfway houses. We love that hardened criminals are given the opportunity to right the ship and get on the good foot via soul food. Back in the 90s we were good friends with an ex-gangbanger who’d done hard time in a Washington state penitentiary and he could flat-out cook.

Offbeat magazine takes a look at Shawneki “Nikki” Wright and her bride to be Shana Turner who run the Black Swan Food Experience in New Orleans. Queer soul food is an idea whose time has come.

Debate. Sweet vs savory grits.

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