Redemption For Hola Nola Tortillas

Redemption For Hola Nola Tortillas

We’re gluttons for punishment.

After multiple bad batches of Hola Nola tortillas purchased (and happily refunded) from Zuppardo’s in Metairie and Circle Food Store in New Orleans we were reluctant to give the home-grown food company another spot on our comal.

But we had to run out to Jefferson Parish to pick up a load of aged Pecan wood for our smoker so we ducked into Zuppardo’s with a ruined bag of flour tortillas and, on the manager’s suggestion, swapped them out for the company’s corn version.

Glad we did.

While the flour tortillas were inedible, and resisted our best efforts to separate them from one another the corn tortillas made for a fine breakfast. Stuffed full of eggs, bacon, cheese and salsa they offered a bit of redemption for the company.

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