Is There A Finer State To Drink Cold Beer In Than Louisiana?

Is There A Finer State To Drink Cold Beer In Than Louisiana?

Much hand-wringing has ensued since news broke that Austin’s Independence Brewing has sold a stake in their company to Lagunitas out of California. Josh Noel of the Chicago Tribune breaks down the deal. We’re happy to see the Cartwright’s take Independence to the next level in Texas. Competition out that way is cutthroat and any leg up you can give yourself will help your company keep a competitive edge.

Ben Kramer looks at Aunt Sally a new year-round sour from Lagunitas. Heavily hopped sour beer? The article refers to this 5.7% beer as being sessionable which seems like a bit of a stretch unless fistfights and trips to the hoosegow are part of your normal beer drinking routine.

Great read from the Wisconsin Gazette as Michael Muckian sits down with Dan Carey of New Glarus. Take a peek inside Carey’s wild fruit cave.

Go on a Tokyo draft beer crawl with Davey Young. He visits Harajuku tap room among other spots.

Years back ordering a glass of beer in Paris meant you were going to get a Kronenbourg or if you were lucky beyond reason a Chimay. Times have changed and now there’s a burgeoning craft beer scene. Writer Gareth Jones shows you how to get drunk on good beer in France.

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