Traveling Through The Great State Of Louisiana

Traveling Through The Great State Of Louisiana

We posted 46 articles during the month of June 2016. Here are the top five (ranked via page views) for the period.

1) 500 Po Boys Visits Spuddy’s Cajun Foods. From the piece: “If you like whiskey barrel-cured tobacco and andouille sausage, St James Parish, Louisiana is where the conversation begins. Purists claim this is the one true place on earth where Perique, a spicy tobacco varietal is grown, and this same region is famous state-wide for producing some of the finest andouille sausage in all of Acadiana.”

2) 500 Po Boys Visits Gheens Bon Mange Festival. From the piece: “We’ve visited hundreds of sandwich joints for our massive 500 Po Boys series. but til this past weekend we’d never sat down to a grillades po boy. To the uninitiated, grillades are beef, veal or pork cut into medallions then simmered (or sometimes grilled) into a juicy stew of meat and gravy.”

3) Our Field Reports series traveled to Arabi to tackle Kitchen Table Cafe From the piece: “Normally when our hamburger cravings grow unbearable we retire to our backyard, build a big hickory fire, and break out our meat grinder.”

4) What in the Hell went wrong at Hola Nola Tortillas?

5) Our Field Reports series traveled to Metairie to eat at Zuppardo’s Diner

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