The Most Recent Batch Of Ruinous Hola Nola Tortillas

The Most Recent Batch Of Ruinous Hola Nola Tortillas

This one’s hard.

When we moved to New Orleans from Texas we knew there would be hard times ahead. Specifically, our entrance into Louisiana meant we’d be walking away from the best Tex-Mex food on offer in the United States. But we soldiered on and were rightly chuffed when we stumbled upon Hola Nola, a company doing business the right way by putting out Texas-quality corn and flour tortillas and outstanding totopos fried in coconut oil.

Then the decline came.

After purchasing a truly awful bag of Hola Nola flour tortillas at Zuppardo’s, the best grocery store in greater New Orleans, we immediately went online and emailed our concerns to Hola Nola corporate.

Nary a response.

We drove 13 miles back to Zuppardo’s and returned the soggy mess of a product, and exchanged them for a brand new bag. The replacements were just as bad. To wit: the tortillas had bonded into one giant, glutenous mass and resisted our best efforts to peel them apart. But peel them apart we did with results that bordered on comical.

So we drove 13 miles back to Zuppardo’s and returned the product.

For cash.

Last night we ventured into Circle Food Store and decided to throw caution to the wind and give Hola Nola another chance at redemption. Disastrous move. Once again, their formerly delicious tortillas were soggy and glued together.

Are the wheels coming off at Hola Nola? The totopos we bought last night are fine so perhaps the problem is strictly in their flour tortilla department.

Normally when we spend our hard-earned money on a foodstuff and it’s inedible we email our concerns and receive some sort of response.

But that’s not how Hola Nola does business.

Back when we were under the heady glow of how delicious Hola Nola was we penned a recipe for Migas Done In The Creole Fashion using Hola Nola’s fine Creole totopos.

How times have changed.

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