Kitchen Table Cafe In Arabi Louisiana

Kitchen Table Cafe In Arabi Louisiana

Normally when our hamburger cravings grow unbearable we retire to our backyard, build a big hickory fire, and break out our meat grinder.

Once we have enough custom hamburger meat, we set to building the patties and chopping the garnishes. Ground chuck with a few dollops of duck fat combine to make an unbeatable hamburger grind.

This is how we sate our cravings.

But sometimes we’re lazy and we want somebody to kowtow to us.

Kitchen Table Cafe recently opened in Arabi in the former Old Arabi Eats location that mysteriously shuttered back in 2015.

A couple of old school New Orleanians are running the spot and we’ve been hearing good things about their prowess so we decided to take the 5 minute drive from the 9th Ward out to Old Arabi, Louisiana.

Shoot for the stars.

We barely even glance at the menu as we’re all starving, need beef and need it now. Bloody glorious meat. Now.

The menu claims that the burgers are half-pounders but they appear even larger when they make their way to table. The man in the kitchen clearly knows his way around a brazier as the outer crust of the patty is beautifully blackened revealing a pink, nearly-cool center. The bacon garnish is sadly forgettable. Thankfully the bun does not walk down the treacly path so common nowadays. There is no sugar in this bread.

7005 LA-46, Arabi, LA 70032

7005 LA-46, Arabi, LA 70032

French fries are honest and show a commitment that is sadly lacking in modern kitchens. Most cooks just reach into a freezer bag, grab a fistful of bullshit frozen potatoes then call it a day. Not Kitchen Table however. These fries are handcut and twice fried. Bless.

Service is affable. The waitress, who may be the owner, is a peach and engages each table with plenty snappy repartee. She notes that they’re working on getting a permit for outside service to take advantage of the sprawling patio that is currently reminiscent of a John Steinbeck novel.


We love hanging out on an old, broken-down verandas so hopefully their touch will be light when they do the rehab.

If you want a true, medium rare burger between New Orleans and St Bernard Parish, Kitchen Table Cafe needs to be on your radar post haste.

7005 LA-46 (St Claude Avenue)
Arabi, LA

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–9PM
Saturday 11AM–9PM

Kitchen Table Cafe In Arabi Louisiana

Kitchen Table Cafe In Arabi Louisiana

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