Lovejoy's Taproom Austin, Texas

Lovejoy’s Taproom Austin, Texas

Kentucky is near the bottom in the rankings of USA’s craft beer scene. The Bluegrass state is 46th in the number of breweries per capita but that’s to be expected. Drinkers in those parts are far more likely to crack open a bottle of Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond than the latest Dark Lord from 3 Floyds. Writer Bailey Loosemore looks at a trio of new breweries that are slated to open around the state. We’re particularly intrigued by Jarfly Brewing Company in Somerset as that is deep in prohibition country. The city only recently began allowing alcohol sales and Pulaski county is famously intolerant of people trying to enjoy themselves.

God I love this. Founders brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki takes viewers inside the infamous caves where Kentucky Breakfast Stout is aged. I especially love the image of Jason Heystek, a Founder’s vice president hoisting a plastic cup of Backwoods Bastard. Yes, a plastic cup. You can drink a world-class beer from plastic and the sun will still rise in the morning.

Fortune recently sat down with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head (USA’s 13th largest brewery). I love that a team of 45 worker/tasters meets daily to analyze the brewery’s output. Calagione’s an interesting figure and he draws much inspiration for his beers from the food world.

We’re currently riding the fourth wave of craft beer in USA. 68 craft breweries shuttered in 2015. In 2016 two new breweries will open (on average) each day. Dan Morrell of the Boston Globe takes a long look at Lamplighter Brewing Company, and in the process explores the notion of ‘hyperlocal’ breweries. It’s a great read. New Orleans market is woefully under-served with a tiny handful of breweries in a metro with over a million people. Prediction: Over the next ten years we’ll see mini-taprooms attached to nano-breweries popping up all over town. Their beer will not be at Rouse’s Supermarket nor will it be on draft walls around town. If you want that one brewery in Gentilly’s beer you’ll have to drive there and visit the taproom. Each neighborhood in town will have at least one brewery. And there will be some shakeout too; as New Orleanians develop their beer palates the impostors will be flushed out and only great beer will remain. I hope.

Good Beer Hunting podcast with Andrew Nations of Great Raft, Louisiana’s best brewery.

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