Handmade Sausage In RL Reeves Jr's Test Kitchen

Handmade Sausage In RL Reeves Jr’s Test Kitchen

We’re on day seven of our most recent charcuterie project: the curing of a 13.5lb pork belly purchased from Zuppardo’s Supermarket in Metairie. In three more days we’ll pull it out of the cure, wash it, dry it, and then smoke it for several hours over hickory, oak and pecan on our antique Weber smoker. For the first six days we kept the belly enswathed in plastic; the final four days will see that wet, salty belly air-drying in a pan in the refrigerator.

Nice short piece on The Hamery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They’re a tiny mom n pop that’s been running since 1968.

In Kentucky, Wade Hampton (Longview Farm) got into the country ham business so he could ship his daughter off to Asbury College. It was 1928.

If you like rich, luxurious sauces with plenty meaty umami powering them then MING TSAI’S XO SAUCE is for you.

“But really, I enjoy all of it. There is beauty, and then there’s the more brutal side of it – that you have killed this animal. There’s something about that duality that I find really fascinating.” Paul Burton of Salt Box speaks on curing meat.

Red Hog Butcher Shop is about to open in Louisville. The ethos of the shop reminds me of Salt and Time in Austin where heritage breed creatures are brought in ‘on the rail’ and meticulously broken down before being cured, butchered for the meat case or sold as hot plates of food. I can’t wait to check this place out.

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