Cabbage Is A Benchmark Vegetable In Soul Food Cuisine

Cabbage Is A Benchmark Vegetable In Soul Food Cuisine

When I was in culinary school in Birmingham back in the 90s, Atlanta was the cool, nearby (2 hours) city that I ran to on weekends to escape Alabama. Birmingham had dozens of soul food and meat and 3 restaurants back then but it was always fun to walk on the wild side and visit plainly dangerous Atlanta neighborhoods to see what our eastern kin had on offer. I still dream of K&K Soul Food and I haven’t eaten there in 20 years.

Chef Kenneth Willhoite is determined to put Atlanta soul food on the map with his World Soul Food Museum. He’s raising 100 million dollars over the next 3 years to make his dream a reality. Good luck chef.

Tim Chun and Lisa Kamura have opened Seoul Food Meat Co in Charlotte. They’re putting a Korean slant on southern soul food classics. I regularly douse my collards with kimchi so this seems like a natural evolution of the form.

Kimmie Spice is the head bitch in charge at Biscuit Bitch. I love the bitches of the world. Ms Spice is opening her 3rd restaurant soon and it will feature Louisiana hot links.

Toni Tipton Martin is one of my heroes and I was privileged to take cooking classes under her in my former home of Austin, Texas. Now the good cook has won a James Beard award for her The Jemima Code.

Tony and Cathia Posey have changed the name of their restaurant(s) to Angel’s BBQ and Fried Chicken. They were formerly known as Angel’s Soul Food and BBQ. Mr Posey claims that ‘many people didn’t know what soul food was.’ Maybe people in Tavares, Florida need more education? I pray that I never live in a city that doesn’t know what soul food is.

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