Grits Are The Ne Plus Ultra Of Soul Food

Grits Are The Ne Plus Ultra Of Soul Food

Hillary Dixler of Eater takes a longread look at Gullah cuisine in Charleston, South Carolina. Through the lens of ‘appropriation’ she explores how local white cooks are featuring the foods of the Gullah people on local menus. It’s a good read and the rebuttal from Hanna Raskin in the comments section is pure gold.

We grew up eating Mountain Soul, the cuisine of Nellie Sullivan one of Appalachia’s greatest cooks and a lady who could not be bothered with long, thinkpieces. She had a houseful of crumbsnatchers she had to keep fed. We think of her every single day.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (est.1975) lost a $3.2 million judgement to a former employee. Unsurprisingly they have now filed for bankruptcy.

Chicken wings cooked in a Coca Cola reduction? Houston’s best collards? We’re planning a trip to Houston so we can take a crack at Big Sarg’s Soul Food

Adrian Miller has forgotten more about soul food than most of us will ever know. He’s known as the ‘soul food scholar’ and with good reason; he is the authority on the foodway in US. Here he reflects on his mama and even offers her banana pudding recipe.

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