Ari White Makes Bacon From Lamb Belly

Ari White Makes Bacon From Lamb Belly

If any company ever attempts to sell you “uncured” bacon please be aware that that outfit is lying their ass off to you. Uncured bacon is pork belly, once it’s been cured it becomes bacon. There is no such thing as uncured bacon. It does not exist.

Unscrupulous companies claim that bacon cured with celery juice is “uncured”

It is not.

We were rifling through some old emails and found a good article from Cynthia McKelvey on “uncured” cured meats. She interviews Wes Osburn, a Texas A&M University researcher who pours truth serum on the subject.

Hutchison’s Grocery has been in business for 166 years. They are a tiny player on the Kentucky country ham scene and last year they changed hands.

Hawk Krall goes looking for a ham sandwich and finds a life-changing one at Gayle’s Country Ham & Market in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

Arveybell Farms in Middlesboro Kentucky hosted 17 4-H club members from Harlan, Bell and Knox county in Kentucky. The kids were tasked with curing country hams. Hundreds of teenagers across the state participate in this program which gives budding charcutieres a leg up in the meat industry.

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