2016 Dark Lord Day In Indiana

2016 Dark Lord Day In Indiana

We rolled snake eyes in Amsterdam in our efforts to find Tre Fontane Tripel the new-ish Trappist beer made in Italy. Tre Fontane has been producing alcohol since 1873 but were only accorded the Trappist appellation in May of 2015.

Paul The Apostle was slain at Abbazia Tre Fontane, and as his freshly severed head bounced along the ground, fountains sprang up from the impressions. Three bounces; three fountains. The monks at the monastery also raise the lambs for the papal feast of St Agnes.

Arnulf of the abbey Saint-Médard in Soissons was the inspiration for Saint Arnold, the 900lb gorilla of Texas craft beer. Expand your knowledge of all the lovely Trappist breweries. They are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France & USA.

We love ‘Guys Drinking Beer’ the Chicago website that we rely on for all of our Midwest USA beer news. They story-fied Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds in Indiana. Hundreds of people recently lined up at the brewery in the freezing rain to buy beer. Each person paid $200 for the privilege. For that you received: entry, four bottles of Dark Lord (coffee stout) as well as one bottle of a Dark Lord free-style (stout made with mystery ingredients). You also got a tote bag and food vouchers worth $40. Nerds.

Did y’all happen to catch the season of Top Chef Masters where Rick Bayless mowed down the competition? Bayless is hated and was once left on the side of a Mexican dirt-road by Diana Kennedy who really loathes the man. Now Bayless has entered the craft beer business with his Cruz Blanca in Chicago.

Cigar City was launched in 2009. Two months ago they were acquired by Fireman Capital Partners out of Boston. Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, the company that bought former independent brewery Abita is also mentioned in the piece.

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