2016 Chicken Fried Steak Festival in Lamesa Texas

2016 Chicken Fried Steak Festival in Lamesa Texas

In 2011 The Texas State Legislature designated Lamesa as the offical birthplace of the chicken-fried steak. Lamesa has never been the same.

Upon the proclamation, the city immediately launched the debut Chicken Fried Steak festival and sold 400 dinners that year.

Nowadays that tally is well over a thousand as the beef party has soared to undreamed of heights.

Of course there is a competition element to the fete and (surprise) the mayor of Lamesa, Dave Nix won in 2015.

Is Nix a local strongman or is his CFS really that good?

We’ll never know as he has decided to go out ‘on top’ and with Lamesa being 830 miles from New Orleans we won’t be able to attend to taste the entries.

The party starts Friday April 29th 2016 with a ‘prayer for rain’

The shootout begins Saturday morning at 10am with turn-in at noon. The victor gets a handsome cast-iron skillet

We’d give anything to be there as we are privy to the chicken fried steak recipe from Ray’s Steakhouse (rip Ray LeMay) and feel like we’d walk away with the title if only we could compete.

How many other Texans share the same lament? Every last one we expect.

The party is held at Forest Park which is located at South Houston and South 10th streets in Lamesa, Texas.

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