La Falote Roelof Hartstraat 26

La Falote Roelof Hartstraat 26

We spent a week in the Netherlands recently and had the worst plate of Dutch soul food imaginable at the highly lauded La Falote. From the lede: “It’s heartbreaking to see a chef past his prime, staggering about, boozy and red-eyed in his restaurant, and not giving a damn about his food.”

“Even though I once lived in Nashville for 10 years, I had never even heard of hot chicken until 2015” Thus spake “Grub Scout” the food writer for the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Let that sink in for a minute. Imagine saying that you lived in New Orleans for ten years and never even heard of red beans and rice. Then imagine getting a job at a major daily newspaper in Louisiana writing about food. I can’t either.

With that being said this anonymous reviewer turned in a good report on Jackie’s Dream Jackie’s Dream serves fried okra, pinto beans, Hot Chicken, collard greens, yams, cabbage, white beans, meatloaf, and fried green tomatoes amid a long list of other meat and three staples.

CHI St. Luke’s Hospital in Lufkin, Texas, chief cook Alice ‘Faye’ Russ has been on the job for 55 years. We pray that we never find out how great her soul food is.

Ma Harper’s Creole Kitchen, a soul food joint in San Antonio run by 87-year-old Alice “Ma” Harper makes the list of nearly 20 restaurants in the Alamo City serving fried catfish, a cornerstone of soul food.

It’s been nearly four years since Sylvia Woods’ the New York City queen of soul food passed onto the nether. The restaurant bearing her name in St. Petersburg is having a hard time financially and could be getting the boot.

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