This Week In Charcuterie News

This Week In Charcuterie News

Do you like for your charcuterie work to feature meats that are rosy red in hue? Kemin Food Technologies has developed a new product called Acerola, an extract from Barbados Cherry trees. The company claims that the product “improves color stability in raw, cured, and uncured meats”

We found some on Amazon and will use it on our next batch of bacon and report back.

We’ve never tried Hobe’s Country Hams in spite of the fact that the company churns out 10 million pounds of ham per year. We do like that recently deceased founder Hobert “Hobe” Gambill started his company by strapping a household fridge to the back of a pick up truck to make his ham deliveries though.

Amish meat man Matthew Secich has run afoul of authorities in Maine. As you know, the Amish eschew electricity as a tenet of their religion. Secich makes charcuterie without using any municipal power. This is frowned upon by the state.

Here’s a nice little 5 minute doc on Father’s Country Hams in Bremen, Kentucky.

Carol Currie of Asheville reflects on tomato aspic, country ham and the resurgence of lard. I was disappointed in Currie’s blanket refusal to eat lard spread on toast but the article is a good one.

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