Drinking Dutch Trappist Beer Zundert In Amsterdam Netherlands

Drinking Dutch Trappist Beer Zundert In Amsterdam Netherlands

We all worked really hard for the past year so that we could take off for a week and visit Amsterdam, Netherlands, the crown jewel of northern Europe.

We’ve been vacationing there since the 90s. Nowadays, Amsterdam has a robust craft beer scene with plentiful microbreweries scattered about the city as well as a pipeline straight to Belgium where the Trappist beers flow like the nearby Amstel River.

We’ll be filing a full report on Butcher’s Tears soon. It’s a nanobrewery in Amsterdam Zuid, and it has all the aficionados up in arms.

41 states allow growler fills at the retail level. Zak Rotello speaks eloquently on what the status if of growlers in his state of Illinois. Oh, and clean your filthy disgusting growlers. You would not believe the condition people leave their vessels in in New Orleans.

Lindeman’s Oude Kriek Cuvée René was pouring all over Amsterdam last week. Christopher Barnes files a review on this nectar.

Michael Wiper looks at the contemporary craft beer scene in Lithuania. Lithuanian brewer Andrius Perevičius is the star of a reality television show called ‘Find the Brewer a Wife’. He makes a fine subject for a profile. Brewing beer in Lithuania is a centuries-old tradition that sets itself apart from other cultures via use of a special yeast that is unavailable to the rest of the brewers on earth.

Another in a long line of hand-wringing articles on Jim Koch of Sam Adams. Koch will be generating millions of dollars in beer revenue for his company after most of the current crop of new breweries have long since shuttered. Please spare us the ‘Sam Adams Is Going To Fail” articles.

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