Congratulations from the Scrumptious crew to Mr. Lemuel Butler who ran over 47 competitors to become the 2016 USA champion of all baristas.

His reign has all the earmarkings of being a particularly brutal one.

Butler currently works at Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, North Carolina. North Carolina has been all over the news lately as their governor Pat McCrory signed legislation assuring that the state’s watchful gaze will be upon its citizens loins as they use public restrooms.

Biological males and females are under state order to report to their respective bathrooms with no co-mingling allowed.

Lemuel Butler came up with a divine ‘signature drink’ containing magnolia flower simple syrup, hibiscus, lemongrass and nitrous. Oh, and coffee made from Finca Nuguo beans from Jurutungo, Panama. He called it SouthernPlayalisticCadillacCoffee.

2015 USA Barista Championship results:

Lemuel Butler, Champ

2nd Place: Andrea Allen, ONYX Coffee Lab
3rd Place: Devin Chapman, La Colombe Coffee Roasters
4th Place: Samuel Lewontin, Everyman Espresso

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