We drive or walk by Indywood, the cinema under construction at St Claude and Desire, every single day. We like to poke our heads in the door to take the lay of the land and chart the progress of the build-out.

Wednesday night, seven workers were inside the building when a lone gunman entered, ordered all seven to the ground and then relieved them of their belongings at gunpoint.

The man fled and has not been seen since.

The loafers at nearby Frady’s One Stop were all recently addressing the stick-up problem New Orleans is suffering from (205 armed robberies in NOLA through the first three months of 2016) and needless to say their remedies for the problem all involved the citizens loading up with plenty weaponry and shooting the Hell out of the perpetrators.

We can’t advocate gun play on the streets of New Orleans as there is already far too much of that sort of activity.

What’s going to happen when the same bad guy returns a few months from now when the cinema is open for business?

Hundreds of neo-Bohemians will be packing Indywood nightly once they begin their film series. What will become of these New Orleanians when they’re forced to stare at their own mortality through the lens of our city’s mammoth crime problem?

If the hanger-outers at Frady’s had their way the bad guy would be shot to doll rags and we could all go on watching our Abel Ferrara movies in peace.

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