Ari White Is The 2016 Brisket King Of New York City

Ari White Is The 2016 Brisket King Of New York City

Living in New Orleans and writing about barbecue would be like living in Austin and writing about red beans and rice. You could do it but what’s the point?

But every so often we stumble upon a tidbit of barbecue news that we feel our readers should be made aware of.

El Paso, Texas native Ari White is now, officially the Brisket King Of New York City.

At a recent showdown held at Sander’s Studio in Brooklyn, pitboss White beat out some of the best barbecue cooks in all of New York City.

Judging was held in three categories: smoked brisket, brisket innovation as well as cured brisket. An overall brisket king champion was selected after all the meat was consumed and thusly judged.

Blue Smoke won in smoked brisket.

Cannibal won in brisket innovation.

The Wandering Que (White) won in the cured category with his lamb brisket pastrami on rye.

White also served a super-fancy dish composed of lamb brisket lambcetta with ginger and lemongrass-fused compressed melon ball.

That would get you thrown out of El Paso quick but White’s a big city cook now so he can flex safe up north.

Congratulations Ari White, we look forward to eating at your table one day.


Will Ari White Be Crowned Brisket King Of New York City?

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