Turkish Pide Topped With Cured Sausage At Datli Maya In Istanbul

Turkish Pide Topped With Cured Sausage At Datli Maya In Istanbul

The German Butchers Association came to USA recently and during a stern competition awarded Bob’s Processing of Lake Michigan perfect scores on their bacon and braunschweiger. We grew up eating braunschweiger, the legendary Upper Midwest liver sausage. If you like boudin give this sausage a try as it is a fine, regional example of charcuterie.

Bayou Wine Garden in New Orleans Mid-City neighborhood has rolled out an in-house charcuterie program Duck ham? We can hardly wait.

Here’s an article on the recent Charcuterie Masters Championship shoot-out in New York City. Did any of our readers attend? What was your top pick?

We’re trying to dig up information on the recent National Pršut and Cured Meat Fair in Croatia. We were fortunate to travel to that beautiful country and eat several kilos of smoked and cured meats. Croatians have a long-abiding affection for hogs and they cure pork with abandon. If you love charcuterie book a flight to Zagreb immediately.

One of the main reasons we write this weekly post is to keep our thumbs on the heartbeat of modern charcuterie. Just like when we gave our lives to Iron Maiden when we were in middle-school. We just learned of a new (to us) charcuterie called Alheira de Mirandela, it is Portugese in origin and is a blend of both pork and chicken stuffed into natural casing then smoked.

It has just been added to the EU Database of Origin and Registration (DOOR), a move that will add governmental protection to this foodway. Not to be outdone by Portugal, France had its Jambon d’Auvergne added to the database as well.

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