It was the first night of SXSW 2016 and Spencer Carlton, 52, was out for a night of frivolity in Austin’s West 6th Street entertainment district.

By the end of the night he would have blood on his hands.

54-year-old Jerry Don Summers was also enjoying a balmy Texas evening. It had been 92 degrees that day and Mr Summers was circulating through The Dogwood, and, according to some witnesses ‘groping women at the bar’

Recently released court documents indicate that video footage revealed Summers touching Carlton’s wife’s breasts as he walked by.

Carlton pursued Summers out of the bar and upon catching him “shoved Summers in the chest with both hands” Summers fell over, struck his head, and died in the hospital four days later.

Summers death was ruled a homicide as the result of blunt head trauma and yesterday Carlton was charged with manslaughter.

Carlton’s attorney promises a vigorous defense.

Justin Newsom, of APD’s homicide unit said “this type of incident happens all the time” going on to add “It doesn’t always result in someone dying, so it doesn’t make the press”

We used to marvel at how lawless and wild 6th Street was when we lived in Austin. Life in New Orleans, one of the murder capitals of the US gives you an entirely new perspective however. In Austin the thugs, brigands and bad guys largely sorted out their differences with their fists and boots and maybe the occasional knife.

Here in New Orleans disputes are settled with firearms. If you’ve got a beef with somebody you’re not going to ball your knuckles up. You’re going to pull out a firearm and do your level best to gun them down.

Hundreds of people are shot down on the streets of New Orleans each year.

The Summers death is the third homicide of 2016 in Austin.

New Orleans has had 18 murders in the last 30 days.

The Big Easy is the Wild Wild West.

update 3/3016
New Orleans has had 96 shootings so far in 2016. That’s 12 more than this point in 2015.

Courtesy of Jeff Asher, New Orleans crime anaylist

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