Drinking Westmalle In Amsterdam

Drinking Westmalle In Amsterdam

Work really hard and strive to be really good at what you do and you may be able to purchase a home like Nick Floyd did.

We love a good backstory and the one attached to Pabst Old Tankard Ale is a fine one. Old Tankard was the first craft beer to be issued in a can (in 1937) and the recipe for the current version is based on an antique brewer’s log.

Mobcraft, the Wisconsin-based, crowd-sourced, beer maker went on Shark Tank looking for 400k in capitol to finance a brick and mortar brewery. It did not go well.

Christine Celis is the daughter of Pierre Celis, one of the fathers of the USA craft beer movement and the man who savagely wrested the ‘good beer’ virginity from thousands of Texans during his tenure in the Lone Star state. Ms Celis is preparing to open Flemish Fox a new brewery in Austin, Texas. We drank some of her gypsy beers while she was flitting about and using existing breweries in Texas to keep her hand in the game. She has real talent and with that blood flowing through her veins we expect great things from Celis.

We visited 504 Craft Beer Reserve in New Orleans recently.

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