On This Day: Orhan Bey's Sucuk Stand In Istanbul Turkye

On This Day: Orhan Bey’s Sucuk Stand In Istanbul Turkye

Seven years ago today I was striding across Istanbul’s Beyoglu district for a sausage supper at Orhan’s Sucuk Stand, which at that point, had already enjoyed a 25 year run. Sausage love is imprinted deep in my dna as my grandfather routinely cranked out hundreds of pounds of farce on his hand-cranked grinder.

Turks love sausage. In that beautiful and tragic country the foodstuff is called ‘sucuk’ and is typically made of beef though there are plenty pork loving Muslims who make theirs from swine. It’s uncommon but if you know the right Turk you may be able to find it made from horse as well.

Visit Orhan Bey’s sausage cart with me

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