This Week In Craft Beer News: The Shuttered Old Arabi Eats

This Week In Craft Beer News: The Shuttered Old Arabi Eats

Brewbound craft beer writer Chris Furnari has accused Justine Griffin of the Tampa Bay Times of plagiarism. Decide for yourself: The Brewbound piece. and the Tampa Bay Times piece

and if it matters, the brouhaha erupted over the sale of Cigar City to Fireman Capital. Eventually the “little indie brewer selling out to the big venture capitalist” will be a non-story but for now everybody’s still gettting real upset over these business dealings.

Allocation is strangling the craft beer industry. Kathy Flanigan writes about rare beer fanatics and their relationship to allocation in the industry.

Ever wondered what kind of beer you could make with wild caught yeast and bacteria in Cincinnati? Urban Artifact can tell you.

Ignore the title. Jason Notte writes eloquently about pilsners. We’ve slowly watched our old IPA loving friends’ palates mature til the point where they are now able to understand the value of a perfect pils. See Live Oak Brewing in Austin, Texas for an example.

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