San Antonio's Taco Hand Is Strong

San Antonio’s Taco Hand Is Strong

The taco showdown between San Antonio and Austin went off today in the Texas state capital but there was a problem. No Austin taquerias showed up for the fight.

Hang your head in shame Austin. Just because your finest taquera, Yolanda Sanchez Cornejo, is no longer in the game doesn’t mean you have to run scared from a challenge by your southern neighbor.

San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez of La Gloria fame had issued that summons but there was not one single Austin taco cook who was willing to defend the honor of their city.


After nearly a quarter century documenting the foodways of Texas we left for Louisiana with one thing on our mind: San Antonio tacos. Had Austin shown up at the taco throw-down we would’ve witnessed a massacre of Goliad proportions.

Edmund Tijerina is the food writer for the San Antonio Express-News. In his report from the event where the only taco cooks prepared for battle were from San Antonio he said this: “Yep, Austin shrank like a yellow-bellied coward.”

Why would Matthew Odam, his counterpoint at the Austin American Statesman not challenge Tijerina to a pistol duel at dawn in an East Austin taco truck corral?

At the bare minimum we would like to see Addie Broyles, another food writer for the Statesman, dry-gulch Mr Tijerina as he tried to make his way out of town.

Where is your pride Austin?

In the scrum between San Antonio’s entrants: Chef Hernandez won chef’s choice with his barbacoa tacos and lengua tacos. Diana Barrios Treviño won best traditional tacos with her machacado tacos and chorizo tacos with beans while chef Cariño Cortez won modern tacos with her beans, chorizo, potatoes, avocados, queso fresco and salsa verde.

Austin didn’t bother showing up.

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