2016 Rattlesnake Round-Up In Sweetwater Texas

2016 Rattlesnake Round-Up In Sweetwater Texas

This weekend March 11, 12, 13 2016 the Jaycees of Sweetwater, Texas are holding the 58th edition of their big rattlesnake round-up. Events to fuel the revelry are diverse with local beauties competing to become Miss Snake Charmer, rattlesnake hunts with guides who are savvy to the creature’s movements and the scorching Texas environment, a rattlesnake cook-off, a snake eating contest as well as a competition to see who can show up with the ‘heaviest bag o’ snakes’

Oh to be stomping through the broomweed desert outside Sweetwater, beating the bushes with a hoe in the hopes of landing a giant rattlesnake to feast upon.

We’d be all over this party if we weren’t 700 miles away.

This year marks the 58th Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round-Up. It began in 1958. In that first round-up 14,000lbs of rattlesnakes were harvested.

It is not yet known how many snakes will be hunted down this year.

If you go:

Address: Nolan County Coliseum 220 Coliseum Drive. Sweetwater, Texas 79556

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