Last weekend, San Antonio, Texas hosted the 39th edition of the Texas State Open Chili Championship. We were in Texas at the time but elbow-deep in prep for a food party so we had to miss out on the shootout.

What we would not have given…

Trader’s Village was the proving ground for the men and women who competed at the event.

153 cooks crowded into the venue each with one thing in mind: bringing home the gold, and with it an automatic invitation to compete out in Terlingua at the Chili Appreciation Society International’s massive Terlingua International Chili Championship held in west Texas each Autumn.

When the dust had settled Suzanne Green had proved that she was the queen of the affair by besting Carol Knight for the title of 2016 Texas State Open Chili Champion.

The Top 10
1st Suzanne Sweet
2. Carol Knight
3. Carol Ann Gibson
4. Kathy L’Huillier
5. Brent Allen
6. Susan Armand
7. Diana Klade
8. Lanny Thomas
9. Patty Corcoran,
10. David Richardson

Men of Texas please take some pride in yourselves. Four out of the top five at this years competition were women. What happened to the old, hard-bitten saddle tramps who used to routinely take ten out of ten on the top roster? We attended the Texas Ladies State Championship Chili Cook Off down in Seguin in 2012 and were treated shamefully.

Are we going to have to return to Texas to restore the glory of the menfolk?

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