We’ve been stranded in the land of no soul food (Austin, Texas) for the past week so we are happy to be back home in New Orleans with a good dozen hotplate joints within walking distance of our tiny 9th Ward double.

Already hit Frady’s One Stop good and hard today.

Marcelle Bienvenu’s voice is lost to New Orleanians now. Our city is less for this unfortunate turn of events. We were sitting around moping over one of our favorite writers unique take on Louisiana food when we stumbled upon this article from last year on barbecue shrimp. Ms Bienvenu is a portal to New Orleans’ food past. Where else would we have learned that chef Jake Radosta invented Barbecue Shrimp back in the 1950s?

We love restaurants that go into tiny, repurposed spaces like Maddies Soulfood Carry-Out up in Wichita. If you’re ever up in Kansas, and hungry, chef Debbie McKinney has all the chicken wings, catfish, okra, spaghetti, cabbage, fries, greens and black-eyed peas your heart desires.

Pots N Pans Diner, Annie Mae’s Soul Food, and Mama 10’s in Tyler, Texas gain the attention of Augusta Robinson of the daily newspaper the Morning Telegraph. Folashade Daniel makes nachos with Doritos at Mama 10’s joint. This is something we have never seen done in a restaurant setting. Shawneeka Dunbar of Mama 10’s reflects on eating full course dinners at her home when she was a kid. We thought everybody did that but learned the hard way at sleepovers that not all moms are created equal.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette looks at the contemporary soul food landscape. The writing from Arthi Subramaniam is a little choppy but we do get to hear from Mama Dip, Jessica Harris and ‘Soul Food Scholar’ Adrian Miller.

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