2016 Carnaval Austin Dance Party

2016 Carnaval Austin Dance Party

We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away for Austin’s wildest dance party: Carnaval at the Palmer Event Center.

The party is Sat Feb 27th 8pm doors, 9pm party begins.

Comment below and tell us why you deserve to get 2 free passes. Tickets are $45 at the door so this is a $90 value.

Best comment wins!

And thanks for the tickets Mike Quinn aka The Sambamaster.

He’s the man behind Carnaval and one of the USA’s most voracious chowhounds.

  1. Been once, had an amazing time! Once the samba starts up, you can’t help but shake somethin’! Bob your head, wiggle your rump, tap your foot… You just gotta shake somethin’.

  2. Really want to go, but still going if no go on these, I’ll pay! It’s worth it! Keep Austin weird, maaahhn! Gilbert Bocanegra and crew, hey girls just wanna have fun!

  3. Hi there. Wife has been working really hard lately and a bit down. I have always wanted to take her to the Carnaval but always something came up.

    This would be a great opportunity to treat her to a wild, feel good party. She is a great pastry chef that has her own cake decorating home business.

  4. I sweat Brasileiro Carnaval drum beats. The vibrant booty shaking music gets me on the dance floor and I escape to an euphoric uninhibited state of unadulterated fun. Carnaval is the essence of everything fun and I want to be a part of that tonight! The drums beat. My body bounces. The drinks are aplenty. Give me the chance to enjoy tonight!

  5. Howdy!

    I would like to tell you just why I deserve these tickets! You see, I have been bustin my butt of these past 6 years balancing work and school life! I try incredibly hard to maintain a variety of things to do in my free time and there is nothing more exciting than dressing up and dancing to the beautiful rhythms of Brazilian music! I plan to be a native American to honor some of my past ancestors. This would be an absolute surprise if I won!

    To the best posting!

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