Zotte In Amsterdam Netherlands

Zotte In Amsterdam Netherlands

Brandon Hlavka and David Lantos of Minneapolis bar Maple Tavern have been charged with a felony for bringing New Glarus’ Spotted Cow across state lines for resale. New Glarus is famously only for sale in Wisconsin.

Take a peek inside Stone Brewing in Berlin. How did Berliner Berg brewmaster Richard Hodges get free lifetime growler fills off of Stone?

If you’re traveling in the Netherlands here’s an excellent primer on how to decipher Dutch Beer Labels

Scott Metzger of Freetail in San Antonio is putting out some of the best beers in a state rife with breweries. He also changed the laws in Texas. Yet you still can’t walk into a brewery in the Lone Star state and get your growler filled.

In Zalec, Slovenia the city’s leaders are building a public beer fountain. The region is known for its hop production.

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