Blue Owl Brewing is USA’s only full sour mash brewery. We ran by there last year prior to their opening to take the lay of the land. They’re tucked away in the former Cesar Chavez barrio, a neighborhood that nowadays has only the barest vestiges of its former glory.

Blacklands Malt is Texas’ only malthouse. The fact that Texas even has a malthouse shows how hard-charging the independent beer scene is in the Lone Star state. Now, Blacklands has teamed up with Real Ale Brewing of Blanco to put out Brewer’s Cut Project #23.

Hat tip to Arianna Auber, the spirits and beer writer for the Austin American Statesman. Perhaps one day New Orleans will have a spirits and beer writer at one of our mainstream media outlets? Currently the Gambit, the Times Pic and the Advocate are doing a piss-poor job of covering that segment of the hospitality industry.

Great longread on Alpine Beer Company regarding their partnership with Green Flash.

Janelle Bitker of Roads and Kingdoms, one of the internet’s shining stars, writes on Westvleteren 12 the most sought after beer on Earth I was hanging out at Cafe Gollem in Amsterdam when the barkeep decided I passed muster, and rewarded me with a ‘Westie’ At $15 for a small bottle it blew my beer budget for the evening but I still reminisce about the experience years later. If you ever have the opportunity to sample this brew-beg borrow or steal-just do it.

The Sussex Wild Hop won best overall at the British Hop Awards.

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