Brian Mays Of Sam's Barbecue

Brian Mays Of Sam’s Barbecue

Operation Meat Locker was a police operation designed and implemented to take down Austin’s notorious Brisket Bandit. We covered the sting extensively as we lived in East Austin and were regulars at Willie’s BBQ, La Morenita and Sam’s Barbecue; the three restaurants swept up in the sting.

Full disclosure: We were friends with sisters Waunda Mays and Ronnie Mays, daughters of the legend Dan Mays, the man who took over the long-running concern in the late 70s. The two sisters have sadly passed on but we enjoyed many meals at Waunda’s East Austin home where one-pot cooking was the order of the day, and if you didn’t like turkey necks or collard greens then you best stay at home.

On February 7th 2012 we ran by Sam’s to eat supper and talk with Brian Mays, owner and pit boss of the old restaurant. That article is here

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