A Recipe For Lady Cream Peas With Chisesi Ham

A Recipe For Lady Cream Peas With Chisesi Ham

I’ve been cooking Camellia beans for years but it was only after moving to Louisiana that I embarked on my Lady Cream Pea project. The Camellia brand was widely available in Austin but Lady Creams were missing from their Texas oeuvre. The peas have a flavor all their own but if I was forced into a comparison I would liken them to purple hull peas

It’s unthinkable that I’ve lived my life in Texas and the South but have only been eating proper Lady Cream Peas for two years.

I’m always on the lookout for new beans and peas to add to my cooking repertoire, and on a 2014 visit to Zuppardo’s Grocery I found just that, Lady Creams. I immediately raced home and put a kettle of stock on to boil so I could see what this mysterious pea might possibly taste like.

Louisiana soul food.

A Recipe For Lady Cream Peas With Chisesi Ham

1 lb Peas, Lady Cream, Camellia brand
1 lb Ham, Chisesi, chopped
3 quarts stock
Salt and pepper to taste

* Bring stock to boil with peas and ham
* Reduce to simmer
* Cook for one hour or til peas are tender
* Season to taste

Cooking notes
If you can’t find Chisesi ham substitute any good brand “city” ham
I used chicken stock in this recipe but you may use pork stock or even vegetable stock
This dish is meant to be served over rice pilaf

  1. Jim Washburn says:

    My family grew lady cream peas (Texas 8s) in our garden in South Carolina in the ’50s and ’60s. We’d shell, blanch, and freeze them to eat all year. Nowadays I buy a bushel or two every summer to freeze. I like to buy them in the shell to have some snaps. The dried Camelia ones are good but not as good as fresh or frozen.

    • RL Reeves Jr says:

      The little ladies with their roadside stands near Houma will be popping up soon. Can’t wait. It’s nearly season.

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