Franklin Barbecue Trailer in 2011

Franklin Barbecue Trailer in 2011

I came to pay my respects.

Back in the Winter of 2011 Aaron Franklin had announced plans to move into the brick and mortar that had long-housed Ben’s Long Branch BBQ on East 11th St.

Ben’s successor, J Kelly’s Barbecue, could not make a go of it so the property had come on the market.

The rest is history.

Back then I lived two blocks from Franklin’s trailer so I often walked through the neighborhood to pick up a packet of smoked meat to eat off of for a few days before making a return pilgrimage.

This photo was taken in the early afternoon after the crowd had already left for the day. I wasn’t sure if there would be any meat left but I was in luck and scored a pound of brisket and a few odds and ends-meats that had survived the rush.

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