Carnaval Brasileiro Is Austin's Hottest Dance Party

Carnaval Brasileiro Is Austin’s Hottest Dance Party

Austin is quite reserved except for a few nights per annum when the old town turns loose and lets her devil dogs run free. Carnaval Brasileiro, established in 1975 by Brazilian students matriculating at UT, is just such a night. Thousands of freaks descend on the Palmer Event Center in various stages of undress to gyrate wildly to samba music, drink heavily, and generally exhibit the sort of behavior that gets people thrown in jail on other, lesser, nights.

We’ve been hooked since the 90s. Back then Carnaval was a two day affair but nowadays the event just lasts for a few hours, one night per year. February 27th 2016 is the date this year and we would not miss it for the world. It’s Austin’s finest hour. If we can only attend one event in Central Texas per year then this is it.

The party always sells out and with good reason. Ticket info

Hope to see everyone there.

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